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      September 14, 2007 - Posted by | newspapers | , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


      1. Dear Editor,

        I am one of the residents of Vasai (E). It is a well-known fact that water supplied to the people here in this region of Naigaon-Vasai-Virar and the region of Thane District is just not proper.

        Even though the damage to the water pipe-line is repaired, it is supplied in scarcity, not because there is a real scarcity of water to supply to the people but because of the evil and in-human nexus between the corrupt-to-the-core Thane Municipal and the dreaded Water-tankers lobby allegedly nurtured by the local politician namely Hitendra Thakur and others, including the Goons.

        The modus-operandi is simple. The Thane Municipal, at the instance of this powerful water-tankers lobby, releases water-supply at a very low pressure, pressure not sufficient enough to pump water to the storages of all the residential premises. This results in scarcity. In turn, the Water-tankers lobby, unsolicitely, takes upon itself to supply water all over. Interestingly, this is the same very water from the Municipal Supply line. — An Evil mutual understanding between the Thane Municipal and the Water-supply lobby fully supported by the local politicians and the goons.

        The Thane Municipal does not loose anything, but instead they gain by the extra money given to them by the Water-tankers lobby. The water-tankers lobby gets their monthly share of income by way of Water-supply charges from the residentials of the Area.

        The helpless residents have to unnecessary shell-out, this extra hard-earned money from their pockets for this essential water which rightfully should have been supplied to their residentials, un-polluted, at normal pressure. This is double payment for Water.

        This has been going on for years … It is a fact that people and individuals who fight against this problem are threatened and even killed and their bodies found in isolated areas or missing. It is this fear that prevents people. This is a reality of this time.

        In the light of the above-mentioned fact and reality I earnestly request your esteemed and great News Channel to do something about this grave human problem by way of highlighting and giving exclusive news coverages on televisions and by even conducting Sting operations in pinning the corrupt elements and exposing them. It is only in this way that this Water-supply problem in this area of Naigaon-Vasai-Virar and other areas all over Thane District can be solved. ***** Please do this, it will be a service for Humanity ****

        Thanking you.

        Yours sincerely,

        Lance Fernandes.

        P.S. It is my request that I prefer to remain anonymous for reason fo fear.

        Comment by Lancy Fernandes | December 11, 2007 | Reply

      2. hello sir, i am sandip parab. I also live in thane city. I am graduate person. and i complete cameraman course from mumbai institute. If you have vancancy as a cameraman post in your channel please contact me.I am vaiting for your repply.

        Comment by sandip parab | December 28, 2008 | Reply

      3. Eventhough, I am from Delhi, reading such real story has really, hurted my heart. It is really painful to read your humble request to the channel for highlighing such issues. In my opinion the whole community should unite for a fight instead of going in a small group to avoid any after fear, they waY YOU people united at Gate Way of Mumbai after the Mumbai terrorist attack. Why the Mumbai Water Authority is silent on this issue for so long is question of inhuman sympthy in the 21st century.

        Comment by DILEEP | January 1, 2009 | Reply

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