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With Buzz, Google Plunges Into Social Networking

buzz Google introduced a new service called Google Buzz, a way for users of its Gmail service to share updates, photos and videos.Buzz is Google’s boldest attempt to build a social network that can compete with Facebook and Twitter. The service is built into Gmail which already has 176 million users, according to comScore, a market research company.

Like other social services, Buzz allows users to post status updates that include text; photos from services like Google’s Picasa and Yahoo!’s Flicker; videos from YouTube; and messages from Twitter. Analysts say many of its features mimic those of Facebook.

You can Connect sites you already use and Import your stuff from Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader.

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Vasai in News This April 2010

  1. Rash driving kills two minor boys
  2. 33 arrested for sand dredging in Vaitarna
  3. Thane fishermen want to stop fishing in the Pomfret breeding season to protect depleting population but government has bigger fish to fry
  4. Sand mafia ignore HC order, continue dredging
  5. Duo allegedly led customers to believe old water filters were replaced. All they did was cover the indicator of faulty filters with paper
  6. Errors in hall tickets cost students a year
  7. An ex-office bearer of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) from Nalla Sopara was arrested by the Kalyan police for running a chain-snatching racket in Thane district.
  8. Sense of fulfilling contribution
  9. 5 vehicles damaged during shutdown in Vasai
  10. Who’s afraid of Rly police?
  11. Vasai GRP want to wash hands of unclaimed bodies
  12. Woman accused of killing her mom-in-law
  13. MMRDA’s low rent housing a faraway dream for city’s poor
  14. Daughter-in-law broke my finger, barred me from my home: 80-year-old widow

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Gen. Dyer Award’


Gen. Dyer Award’
Mumbai, March 7 (IANS) Over 5,000 villagers from around Maharashtra’s Vasai town Sunday gathered to witness a solemn ceremony — presentation of the ‘General Reginald Dyer Award’ to Thane Deputy Superintendent of Police Deepak Devraj.
“The award was to acknowledge Deepak Devraj’s brutality against the people of Vasai, women, children, tribals, poor villagers and others who were peacefully protesting in Gandhian traditions,” Shramjeevi Kamgar Sanghatna (SKS) vice-president Sanjay Shirodkar told IANS.
Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer was the British Army officer responsible for the massacre of over 1,500 innocent Sikhs — men, women and children — at the Jallianwala Bagh of Amritsar, Punjab, during Baisakhi Day celebiration April 13, 1919.
Justifying the “award” at a huge public meeting held near the police headquarters here, SKS president and Vasai legislator Vivek Pandit said that the actions of Devraj would shame even “the British Army officer, Gen. Reginald Dyer, who ordered the brutal massacre of innocents in Punjab during the country’s freedom struggle
More at : Maharashtra village honours cop with ‘Gen. Dyer Award’

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Cops will help women board trains

Women who find it difficult to get into the ladies’ compartment during peak hour will soon get a helping hand from the railway police. Female Home Guards or policewomen will be posted outside these compartments during rush-hour to ensure bullies don’t block the entrance.

Several women had complained saying they found it difficult to get down at Andheri and Dadar stations from Virar trains during peak hours as some women deliberately block the doorways. Read Detail

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The Media and Its Affect on the Conduct of the Youths

The Media and Its Affect on the Conduct of the Youths.

DSCF1563 In our present world, the means of communication and conveying thoughts and information, has developed rapidly, seeming to travel at the speed of light and sound, and reaches every angle of the world within a few seconds.

There are a great number of institutions, equipment and special devices for mass enlightenment, establishing general opinions and individual resolutions.

In addition, the means of communication and information, like television, radio, internal waves, computers, newspapers, books, magazines…have become the dominant power upon the thoughts and a means of establishing a pattern for conduct.

Therefore, the media contributes in the establishment of political thoughts, as well as, individual positions and thoughts, and it contributes immensely, especially the pictorial type, like, television, cinema, Video, and pornographic magazines, in affecting the general thought and conduct of the people.

The youths – especially at the puberty stage – are active and ready, more than other people, to copy other personalities, and are influenced by the people who appear on the screen of television or cinema.

They are influenced by other people who play a vital role in the political, social and revolutionary arena, as well as, great historical heroes. This is because a youth – whether male or female – is in the stage of building his or her personality. Therefore, he or she needs someone to copy.

Since instinct and desires, especially the sexual instinct, are at their highest peak and putting pressure on the youths, so they are looking for a solution to it, therefore, the media have contributed, immensely, in stirring and arousing the sexual instinct by means of pornographic and seductive films, pictures, stories, as well as, cultures, like the use of guerilla warfare tactics and aggression in films which contribute, a lot, in deviating the youths and teaching them criminal acts. In view of this, some governments are prohibiting the showing of pornographic and guerilla warfare films, often prohibiting the youth from attending the theaters where these films are shown.

The result of the statistics on viewing videos conducted by Dr. Alexander Aldila in Lebanon shows that: "The viewing of social and emotional films wins the first position while detective films win the second position…"(The Role of Communication and Information in a Complete Personality, page 315.)

Another report states that: The studies conducted in the U.S on 110 people in a corrections institute show that 49% of them got the desire of carrying weapons from watching the cinema and 12-21 % of them found the audacity to steal and kill police from the same source.

While the studies conducted on 252 deviated young girls, between the ages of 14-18, shows that 25% of them had sexual relationships as a result of watching pornographic films in the cinema and 41 % of them were led to glamorous ceremonies, night theaters and 54% of them cut school in order to watch films, while 17% of them left their homes as a result of the conflict between them and their family on going to the cinema.

A W.H.O report and, also, a French Judge, about the factors of deviation, say: "I don’t have any doubt that some films, especially detective films, play a great, harmful role in most of the cases."

A questionnaire and cross examination on 1344 personalities conducted in Britain on the relationship between the cinema and corruption of children under 16, found that 600 of them answered that there is a relationship between the cinema and children’s deviation.

Other studies also show that most of the stealing and robbing, which happens in the West, has an effect from the cinema.(Ali Muhammad Ja’afar, Abdath al-Munharifun, page 81)

At last, it can be concluded that watching emotional films, pornographic and detective films is corrupting people, and furthermore, as scientific studies confirm, the youth at this stage, can be influenced by all this, because he is on the verge of his growth.

From all these statistics, we can deduce that the work of the mass media in the formation of emotions and conduct involving instinct, as well as, copying the role of the heroes, is important.

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