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Congratulate the Indian Cricket Team

Congratulate the Indian Cricket Team

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India vs Pakistan Twenty20 World Cup final September 24, 2007

t was an incredible display by the Indians who relied on superb team work to not only maintain their all-win record against their bitter foes in World Cup matches but also complete a series of giant-killing acts in the blaze glory.

Hearties Congrats to India team, and all the fans those who supported through out this series. This victory proves that the power of youngsters… They all played for India instead of themselves.




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Local Train Time Table

TIME-TABLE AS ON 08-07-2007

Vasai 07.18 07.46 08.20 08.44 21.46
Naigaon 07.23 07.51 08.25 08.49 21.50
Bhayandar 07.29 07.57 08.31 08.55 21.56
Mira road 07.34 08.02 08.36 09.00 22.01
Dahisar 07.38 08.06 08.40 09.04 22.05
Borivali 07.42 08.11 08.44 09.08 22.10
Kandivali   08.15      
Malad   08.18      
Goregaon   08.23      
Jogeshwari   08.27      
Andheri 07.57 08.32 09.00 09.24  
Vile Parle          
Bandra 08.07   09.10 09.33  
Dadar 08.13   09.16 09.40  
Lower Parel          
Mumbai Cntr 08.20   09.23 09.47  
Grant Road 08.22   09.25 09.49  
Charni Road 08.24   09.27 09.51  
Marine Lines 08.27   09.30 09.54  
Churchgate 08.30   09.33 09.58  


Virar to Dahanu


and Dahanu to Virar

Main Line Western Railways Train From Vasai

Virar To Churchgate

Vasai to Chuchgate and Bhayandar to Churchgate

Mira-Road to Churchgate and Churchgate to Virar

# Dadar to Virar and Andheri to Virar

Bandra to Virar At 06:55s, 17:20s, 19:55s
Virar to Bandra At 05:30s, 16:03s, 18:36s

Borivali to Virar

Vasai to Diva

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Online Indian News papers In all languages

  • English News
  • The Times Of India * breaking news
  • Reuters Live Video * breaking news
  • Reuters India
  • NDTV * breaking news
  • Indian Express
  • Doordarshan
  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • Deccan Chronicle
  • The Hindu
  • Mid-Day Mumbai News *
  • Janes Defence Weekly
  • INTERNATIONAL Papers & Magazines

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      Websites for Jobs

      Websites for Internships
      and Jobs personal agent checks database for applicant job matches the flipdog website Monster Board for job openings

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      A cover letter is an excellent way to provide

      Cover Letters

      A cover letter is an excellent way to provide pertinent information that is not available on your resume. However, if the letter only announces your resume and does not add new information, don’t send a cover letter.

      Outline for Cover Letter

      We recommends that you attach a well written cover letter to your resume, even though an on-campus recruiter may not request it. This is a good way to draw attention to the main story — you


      COMPANY (all caps adds nice contrast)
      City, ST ZIP


      Explain why you are writing the letter. Capture the employer’s attention by focusing on the company rather than yourself. Explain why you are interested in the company. Mention a personal interest you have in the company, a common acquaintance, or contacts you have who are employees of the company. Another approach is to research the company and mention something you read about the company or industry that is exciting to you.

      In this paragraph explain why the company would be interested in you — what you have to offer/what you can bring to the company. The information should expand on your resume and bring it to life. Bullet your strengths and accomplishments, quantifying as much as possible. Point out any experience or background you have that relates to the particular industry of the company.

      Be aggressive in you closing, mentioning a plan for further action (call, contact, letter, visit), and then follow-through.


      Your Name

      Your name
      City, ST ZIP
      Phone number



      Thank-You Letters

      A thank-you letter is essential to keeping your options open. Write thank you notes to each person who has interviewed you within 48 hours of the interview. This small detail may make the difference between you and other applicants. A handwritten personal letter is also appropriate.

      Thank You Letter Outline


      City ST ZIP


      Express thanks for the opportunity of meeting with the recruiter and for the courtesy extended. Mention the specifics of the interview — position, date, and place. Mention something positive about the interviewer.

      Next, emphasize your interest in the company and the job. Reiterate what you learned in the interview about the skills and experience the company values most and how your background fits. Bring out any qualifications or accomplishments not covered in the interview.

      Refer to issues discussed in the interview.

      This last paragraph should be positive and suggest further action, such as your availability for follow-up interviews.



      Your name
      City ST ZIP
      Phone number



      When writing cover or thank you letters, refer to the examples on the following pages and keep the following tips in mind:

      • Be concise — limit the body of your letter to approximately three paragraphs.
      • Left justification is recommended over full justification (margins lined up on both sides) because it is easier to read.
      • Quantify and qualify whenever feasible.
      • Always address your letter to a specific person. If no person is available, address letter as Dear Department + Position. (i.e. Dear Human Resources Director:)
      • Center the letter vertically on the page.
      • Provide ample margins and white space.
      • Avoid starting the letter and every paragraph with the word “I.”
      • Use perfect grammar and spelling.
      • Have a friend proofread for you.
      • Convey a personal warmth that is missing from the resume.
      • Use action verbs instead of flowery phrases to describe yourself.
      • Emphasize your functional skills.
      • Be bold, convincing, and assertive.
      • Use bond paper and a laser printer for a professional look.
      • Don’t forget to sign the letter!

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