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Terrorism is a crime against humanity.

Terrorism is a crime against humanity.

Contributed by Mr. S.M MAsoom

Whosoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or mischief in the land,
it shall be as if he has killed all humankind, and whosoever saves the life of one,
it shall be as if he has saved the life of all humankind.

(Holy Quran .Chapter 5, Verse 32)

Today we are living in the twentyfirst centuary when man has the power to destroy anything.People have a synonimous approach of linking terrorismwith specific religion .Even though Muslims are implicated for various terrorist plots, one must not judge all by the actions of a few.Use of latest techniques and constant innovation of latest weapons has made terriorism one of the most worrying forces of the world. Sucidal squad, explosive planted in crowded places has made it more deadly.

Now a days the  term ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorism’ is frequently used to refer Muslims. In fact, whenever any terrorist attack occurs in any part of the globe, without knowing the facts all Muslims are blamed worldwide. Such remarks hurt the sentiments of the true followers of Islam, but they can’t change the mindset.

The Question comes in our mind ,Why are only Muslims suspected behind every blast? Everbody knows all muslims are not terririst and follow Holy quran which give message of Peace and Brotherhood.

Read these exampes:
Bomb that exploded at 9.35 pm on Monday in Malegaon, September 30.

News papers Reported” The motorcycle was parked near a row of shops, directly beneath the first floor office of SIMI. The office had been sealed after the organisation was banned in 2001. The 2006 blasts were blamed on SIMI and nine people were arrested but the trial in the case has been stayed by the Supreme Court over a legal challenge. “


Now after 20 days news started to come “Hindu group behind Malegaon blast”
Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has arrested three persons including a woman in connection with September 29 Malegaon blast, which killed six persons and injured 90 others. The blast occurred just in front of the sealed office of the banned outfit, the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in central Malegaon.

On Friday (October 23), the ATS produced them before a Nashik court, which remanded them to police custody till November 3. The arrested woman Pragya Singh Thakur is a Sadvhi (woman monk). According to ATS the motorcycle in which the bomb was belonged to the 38 year old Sadhvi.


Fact is that, terrorist does not belong to any religion, they target the whole humanity through their misdeeds. It depends on the responsible citizen of the world how they perceive the things around. Leaving behind the religious boundaries, we all should come to a single platform and unite to fight against terrorism worldwide. If we raise finger against a particular religion for the terrorists’ activities, then we are certainly making way easier for those who are involved in such menace.

Judge any Religion  by their Books not by the actions of few extreamist groups or  individuals.
Terror and religion are completely opposed to each other. Terrorism adopts the way of aggression, murder, conflict, cruelty and misery. But according to the Qur’an, all these things are kinds of oppression. God enjoins peace, harmony, goodwill and compromise. He forbids terror and every kind of act that does not promote peace, and, condemns those who commit such acts.

Those who believe and do not mix up their belief with any wrongdoing, they are the ones who are safe… (Qur’an, 6:82)
The founder of Russian Anarchy, Michael Bakunin and his disciple Nechayev define an ideal terrorist in this way: The whole work of his [a revolutionist’s] existence, not only in words, but also in deeds, is at war with the existing order of society, and with the whole so-called civilized world, with its laws, morals and customs, he is an uncompromising opponent… He knows only one science; the science of destruction. (The Alarm Newspaper Article, “Bakunin’s Ground-Work for the Social Revolution,” 1885 Dec. 26, p. 8)
Holy Quran says:
O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you. (Qur’an, 2:208)
Do not pursue what you have no knowledge of. Hearing, sight and hearts will all be questioned. (Qur’an, 17:36)
God commands you to return to their owners the things you hold in trust and, when you judge between people, to judge with justice. How excellent is what God exhorts you to do! God is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.
(Qur’an, 4:58)
But do not obey any vile swearer of oaths, any backbiter, slandermonger, impeder of good, evil aggressor, gross, coarse and furthermore, despicable.(Qur’an, 68:10-13)
Terrorists aim to damage people both physically and psychologically to attain a certain goal. Morals of religion, however, is opposed to terrorism in that it aims to foster love, well-being, compassion, joy and hope in society. Who would like to describe Hitler or the likes of Ku Klux Klan as good Christians? We should not let our emotions overcome our logic and understanding. There is no religious scripture that does not condemn terrorism. Every righteous person in any religion would condemn such actions regardless of terrorist’s race, country or religious background.
we all should come to a single platform and unite to fight against terrorism worldwide.


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