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Here are some things people can do to prevent getting many wrinkles at an early age:

What Are Wrinkles?

washing skin

You can often get an idea of how old someone is by looking at his or her face – specifically the skin. As people age, it’s normal to get wrinkles. And if the person has spent a lot of time in the sun, at tanning salons, or smoking cigarettes, he or she might have a lot of them.

The skin is made up of three layers:

The outermost layer everyone can see, called the epidermis (say: eh-puh-dur-mis)

The middle layer, called the dermis (say: dur-mis)

The innermost layer, called the subcutaneous (say: sub-kyoo-tay-nee-us) layer.

When a person is young, he or she doesn’t have wrinkles because the skin does a great job of stretching and holding in moisture. The dermis has an elastic quality thanks to fibers called elastin that keep the skin looking and feeling young. A protein in the dermis called collagen (say: ka-luh-jun) also plays a part in preventing wrinkles.

However, over time, the dermis loses both collagen and elastin, so skin gets thinner and has trouble getting enough moisture to the epidermis. The fat in the subcutaneous layer that gives skin a plump appearance also begins to disappear, the epidermis starts to sag, and wrinkles form.


There’s not a magic age (like 40) when everyone suddenly gets wrinkles. Some people in their 20s have little wrinkles around their eyes (called “crow’s feet”) from squinting or spending too much time in the sun.

Other people may be in their 50s or 60s before you can even see a wrinkle. This is usually because they have taken good care of their skin over the years and may have more sebum (say: see-bum), the skin’s natural oil.

They may also have “good genes” – which means their family members don’t have many wrinkles. Eventually, however, everyone will have at least a few wrinkles. It’s a natural part of the aging process.


Here are some things people can do to prevent getting many wrinkles at an early age:

Avoid spending too much time in the direct sun, especially during the hours when the sun’s rays are harshest (between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM). Ultraviolet (UV) rays cause many wrinkles. Sunblock helps, but it doesn’t block out all the damaging UV rays that cause wrinkles to the skin. Still, if you are outside a lot, be sure to wear a sunblock with sun protection factor (SPF) 15 or higher and reapply often (every 2 to 3 hours). Always reapply after swimming or playing sports that make you sweaty!

Don’t go to the tanning salon. The UV light from tanning booths is just as damaging as the sun’s – and sometimes worse.

Don’t smoke! Smoking robs your skin of precious moisture and causes premature (early) wrinkles. (Did you ever notice that most heavy smokers have wrinkles around their mouths?)

Drink water.

Moisturize dry skin, especially during months when the air is drier.


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Too much coffee reduces fertility and Green Tea save life

Dutch scientists have suggested that drinking too much coffee and alcohol can lower pregnancy chances in women with poor fertility.

According to a recent study, drinking more than four cups of coffee a day reduces the likelihood of conception chance by 26%, as caffeine has toxic effects on the ovaries and sperm.

Radboud University researchers reported that drinking alcohol at least three times a week has similar effects in the pregnancy process to excessive caffeine intake.

Findings show that smoking more than one cigarette per day and being overweight also impede pregnancy.

The study revealed that IVF success rate drops from 15% to 5% in a 36-year-old overweight woman who smokes and drinks too much coffee and alcohol.

Researchers concluded that patients can increase the chance of spontaneous IVF pregnancy by following a healthy lifestyle.

Green tea reduces heart disease

Greek scientists have found that regularly drinking green tea can significantly reduce cardiovascular-related morbidity and mortality.

According to a study published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, green tea improves the function of endothelial cells that line the blood vessels and prevent the progression of atherosclerosis.

Athens Medical School researchers believe that the high flavonid content of green tea is responsible for improved endothelial function.

Findings reveal that compared to black tea, green tea flavonoids are more potent antioxidants as they do not undergo oxidization.

Previous studies had reported that drinking green tea has various health benefits; it is associated with a reduced risk of diabetes and certain malignancies, particularly prostate cancer.

Green tea may shield sleep apnea

Compounds found in green tea may help ward off the neurological damage that can come with the breathing disorder sleep apnea, a new study hints.

Researchers found that when they added green tea antioxidants to rats’ drinking water, it appeared to protect the animals’ brains during bouts of oxygen deprivation designed to mimic the effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

The findings suggest that green tea compounds should be further studied as a potential OSA therapy, the researchers report in the American journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

OSA is a common disorder in which soft tissues in the throat temporarily collapse and block the airway during sleep, causing repeated stops and starts in breathing throughout the night.

The immediate symptoms include chronic loud snoring and gasping, as well as daytime sleepiness.

Left untreated, OSA can eventually have widespread effects in the body; it’s linked to high blood pressure, and research suggests that the intermittent dips in oxygen to the brain may lead to memory and learning difficulties.

In the new study, Dr. David Gozal and colleagues at the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine in Kentucky looked at whether green tea compounds called catechin polyphenols could help shield the brain from this oxygen deprivation.

Catechin polyphenols act as antioxidant, which means they help neutralize cell-damaging particles called oxygen free radicals.

Free radicals are normal by products of metabolism, but in excess they lead to a state known as oxidative stress.

It’s thought that the oxygen deprivation of OSA leads to oxidative stress, and that this, at least in part, explains the cognitive problems seen in some people with the sleep disorder.

Gozal and his colleagues found that when rats were exposed to periodic bouts of oxygen deprivation over 14 days, it did boost signs of oxidative stress in the brain.

This didn’t happen, however, if rats had been given water containing green tea polyphenols.

What’s more, compared with rats given plain water, these animals performed better on a standard test of learning and memory — a water “maze” designed to encourage the animals to remember the location of an escape platform.

In theory, Gozal said, a regular cup of green tea could be beneficial, used alongside standard OSA treatment.

“However,” he said, “definitive proof that green tea would help will have to await a trial in human patients.”


This fact sheet provides basic information about green tea–common names, uses, potential side effects, and resources for more information. All types of tea (green, black, and oolong) are produced from the Camellia sinensis plant using different methods. Fresh leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant are steamed to produce green tea.

Common Names–green tea, Chinese tea, Japanese tea

Latin Names–Camellia sinensis

What It Is Used For

Green tea and green tea extracts, such as its component EGCG, have been used to prevent and treat a variety of cancers, including breast, stomach, and skin cancers.

Green tea and green tea extracts have also been used for improving mental alertness, aiding in weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels, and protecting skin from sun damage.

Green tea could prevent bladder cancer spreading

Green tea can not only lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system, it can also help fight cancer.

The health benefits of green tea have been known for a long time: it can lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system. Now, it appears, it can also help fight cancer.

Numerous studies, including those involving animals, have shown that green tea not only induces death in cancer cells, but also slows development of the independent blood supply that cancers develop so they can grow and spread.

A recent study demonstrated that green tea extract interrupts a process that is crucial in allowing bladder cancer to become invasive and spread to other areas of the body.

How It Is Used

Green tea is usually brewed and drunk as a beverage. Green tea extracts can be taken in capsules and are sometimes used in skin products.

What the Science Says

Laboratory studies suggest that green tea may help protect against or slow the growth of certain cancers, but studies in people have shown mixed results.

Some evidence suggests that the use of green tea preparations improves mental alertness, most likely because of its caffeine content. There are not enough reliable data to determine whether green tea can aid in weight loss, lower blood cholesterol levels, or protect the skin from sun damage.

Side Effects and Cautions

• Green tea is safe for most adults when used in moderate amount.

• Green tea and green tea extracts contain caffeine. Caffeine can cause insomnia, anxiety, irritability, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, or frequent urination in some people. Caffeine can also raise blood pressure, and in very high doses, it can cause seizures, delirium, or irregular heart rhythms.

• Green tea contains small amounts of vitamin K, which can make anticoagulant drugs, such as warfarin, less effective.

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Gyms in & around Mumbai

Gyms in & around Mumbai  
Sr. No.
1 PALGHAR, MUMBAI. Pankaj M. Meher At post – Kelva Tal-Palghar
2 VIRAR, MUMBAI. Young-Star Gymnasium,Station Road,Virar(West)
3 VIRAR, MUMBAI. Fitness Fuel 58159 Balaji Center,v 5 Marg opp Rly crossing,virar(East)
4 VIRAR, MUMBAI. Topstar Gym,Mamta Tower,Sapna Nagar,Virar(West)
5 VIRAR, MUMBAI. Topstar Gold Gym,Jakat Naka,Bolinj Road,virar(Weat)
6 NALASOPARA, MUMBAI. Siddhivinayak Gym, Minakshi House,Near Little Flower English School, Samel Pada, Samrat Ashok Nagar, Nalasopara (W).
7 NALASOPARA, MUMBAI. Body-Line Health Club.,Nalasopara (W)
8 NALASOPARA, MUMBAI. H.M. Gym Nalasopara (E)
9 NALASOPARA, MUMBAI. Dr Kumbhar Gymnasium., Tulinj,
Nalasopara (E)
10 NALASOPARA, MUMBAI. Dubey’s Gymnasium ,Station Rd, Nalasopara (E)
11 NALASOPARA, MUMBAI. Rangade’s Gymnasium., B-1,2,3, Shan Aptt., Tulinj, Nalasopara(E)
12 NALASOPARA, MUMBAI. Balaji Gym,Nirmal Rd, Near. Govt. Hospital, Nalasopara (W).
13 NALASOPARA, MUMBAI. Patankar Gym, Nalasopara (W).
14 VASAI RD, MUMBAI. Joe’s Gym. Vasai (W)
15 VASAI RD, MUMBAI. Flojack Health Spa., Vasai (W)
16 NAIGAON, MUMBAI. Essar Health Centre. Amol Nagar.Naigaon (W)
17 BHAYANDER, MUMBAI. Gold Coin Gymnasium (Old)., BP. Road, Bhayander (E)
18 BHAYANDER, MUMBAI. Gold Coin Gymnasium., Jesal Park.Bhayander (E)
19 BHAYANDER, MUMBAI. Body Solid, Opp Ramnagar, Bhayander(E)
20 BHAYANDER, MUMBAI. Parulekar, 90 feet Rd, near Phatak, Bhayander(W)
21 BHAYANDER, MUMBAI. Body shaper, Near Police Station,Bhayander(W)
22 BHAYANDER, MUMBAI. Pathare Gym, Near Police Station,Bhayander(W)
23 BHAYANDER, MUMBAI. Shiv Samarth Gymco, Goddev Naka., Bhyandar (E).
24 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. Evershine Fitness Enclave., A/1 Rashmi Park, Mira Road (E).
25 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. Jha’s Gymnasium., Shanti Nagar, Mira-Road (E).
26 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. Micky’s Gymnasium., Mira-Road (E). Ph:9820722817.
27 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. “Power Gymnasium” Poonam Sagar Apt. Near Saru Sargam Apt. Naya Nagar, Mira Road (E).,
28 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. “Active Fitness” the Body Temple. “A” wing 1st Floor. Sai karishma tower. Near shiva garden., Mira-Bhayander Road. Mira Road(E).,
29 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. “Pulse Fitness Studio” Sheetal Dhara,243 Near Ganpati Temple, sheetal Nagar Mira Road (E) Dist-Thane.
30 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. “Hard core Gym” Near sheetal Nagar Mira Road(E).,
31 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. “Miracle Gym” Near sheetal Nagar. In line of heard core Gym. Mira Road (E).,
32 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. “Evershine Gym” in Asmita club. Shanti Nagar, Mira Road (E). Dist Thane.
33 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. “Olympia Gym” Near Pooja Nagar, Mira-Road (E). Dist Thane.
34 MIRA ROAD, MUMBAI. “Hello Gym” Near Pooja Nagar, Mira-Road(E).,
35 BORIVALI, MUMBAI. Fitness Centre L.i.C. Colony, Opp. Karnataka Bank, Borivli (W).
36 BORIVALI, MUMBAI. Bolly wood Gym Khana., Eksar Borivali (W), Near Eksar Lake, Mumbai-400103.
37 BORIVALI, MUMBAI. Pathare Gym Co. Nand dham Co-op Housing Society L.T. Road, Borivali (W)
38 MALAD, MUMBAI. Jai Bhavani Vayam Shala., Kasambay Jai Bhavani Marg., Malad (E).
39 MALAD, MUMBAI. Shiv Samrat Vyayam Mandir, Tanaji Nagar, Rd.No-1 Bandogari Kurar Village Malad (E).
40 MALAD, MUMBAI. Julian’s Gym., Alma Apt. opp orlem market, Malad (W).
41 MALAD, MUMBAI. Arogyadhan sampada Liberty Garden, Navy Colony, opp. Rajmalhar Malad (W).
42 MALAD, MUMBAI. Vishesh Gymnasium Madh island, Batar Galli Malad (W).
43 MALAD, MUMBAI. “Flex Gym” C-10 Ekta Nagar Bus Stop (front) Malad (W)
44 MALAD, MUMBAI. K. Raheja Corp Health Club. Aksa Beach, 11 Madh-Marve Road, Malad (W).
45 MALAD, MUMBAI. “Vishaish Gymnasium”, Mud Island, Mud Mandir stop, Shivaji Nagar gate No.2 , Malad ,Mumbai.(Moreshawar Koli)
46 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Shridhar Gym., Human Nagar Dr Ambedkar Chal., Kandivali. Ph:28863657.
47 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Health Spa., Rakes Thorat S.C.N Sports Club Thakur Complex Kandivali (E) Ph:2847437/8875135.
48 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Jacob’s Gym. Sai Nagar Jacob’s Gymnasium. Kandivali (W) Ph:28090985.
49 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Adonis Gents Fitness Club, Behind Kanyakumari Apts, Near Santoshi Mata temple M.G. road. Kandivali (W) Ph:28647567
50 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Kandivali Recreation Club. Shree kandivali Vyayam Mandir shantilal modi, Kandivali (W) Ph:28059420/ 28617393.
51 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Vicky’s Gym Co. Near Santoshi Mandhir. Kandivali (W). Ph:28013478.
52 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Ganesh Gymnasium. Gandhi Nagar, Kandivali (W).
53 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. The Satya Gymnasium Jai Hanuman Vyamshala Bunder Pakadi Road, opp Bobby Shopping Centre- Near Gaurav Garden. Kandivali (W).
54 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Vishal Gym CHS. Opp Dena Bank.
55 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. 1/C/409, Transit camp, New mahavir Nagar, Kandivali(W).
56 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Kitty’s Health Spa., Nav-Nirman Soc,351/41,42,43 Charkop, Kandivali (W).
57 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Vijay Gymnazium Dutt Mandir Road, Bunder Pakadi Road. Kandivali (W).
58 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Ganesh Gymnyasium Gandhin Nagar Charekop., Kandivali (W).
59 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Exertech Fitness Services Pvt. Ltd. Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali (W).
60 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Ultra Modern Fitness Center in Kandivli (W)
61 KANDIVALI, MUMBAI. Aerobics Studio & Gym, Lokhandwala, Kandivali (E).
62 GOREGAON, MUMBAI. M’s Health Fitness Centre., Bhanu Bhavan, Arrey Rd., Goregaon (E).
63 GOREGAON, MUMBAI. Karmarkar Health Centre., Yashodham, A.K. Vaidya Marg, Goregaon (E)
64 GOREGAON, MUMBAI. Health Zone. Lela Hole. Goregaon (E).
65 GOREGAON, MUMBAI. Karmarkar Health Spa., Goregaon (E).
66 GOREGAON, MUMBAI. “Health Zone” (The complete Fitness Centre), Shree Sadan opp. Rly Stn Goregaon (E) in Leela Hall.
67 GOREGAON, MUMBAI. Fitness Centres at Charkop &Goregaon(W)
68 JOGESHWARI, MUMBAI. Petkar Gym., A-10 Bhagalaxmi Co.Hu.50Bandrakar wadi Jogeshwari (E).
69 JOGESHWARI, MUMBAI. Bodykraft, Jogeswari.
70 BANDRA, MUMBAI. MIG Cricket Club. Bandra (W).
71 BANDRA, MUMBAI. Arya Vidya Mandir Society St. Cyril Rd., Bandra (W)
72 BANDRA, MUMBAI. Hotel Metro Palace Pvt. Ltd. 355, Ramdas Nayak Road, Bandra (W).Mr. Mushtaq G.
75 BANDRA, MUMBAI. Talwalkars Mangal Simran Bldg, 28th Road, off Turner Road, Behind Tavaa Restaurant, Bandra (W).
76 BANDRA, MUMBAI. Laxman Jadhav, Arogya Dham, Gandhinagar, Bandra (E) Near Chetna College.
78 BANDRA, MUMBAI. Apoorva Gym, Colgate ground, Near Saibaba Mandir Kharwadi, Bandra (E)
79 BANDRA, MUMBAI. Rahul Health Care Centre, Opp. Aaram Holtel, Bandra(E).
80 BANDRA, MUMBAI. Pedamkar’s Body Art., Near Raj Hans Tower, Nirmal Nagar Bandra.
81 MAHIM, MUMBAI. Fitness Centre Mahim (W)
82 MAHIM, MUMBAI. Talwalkars ,Mahim:-4457548. 4443518.
83 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Health Centre, Supremo Activity Centre, Mahakali Joggrs Park, Jogeshwari- Vikroli Link Road, Near Matoshri Club, Andheri (E).
84 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Get fit, Heritaze Plaza,Opp Indian oil Nagar.. J.P Road, Andheri (W).
85 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Uday Vyyam Shala. Sodananda Building. Swami Vivekananda Road. Andheri (W) Mumbai.
86 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Banas Slymnasium for ladies near Apna Bazar Andheri(W)
87 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Get Fit (India) Pvt. Ltd. Heritage Plaza, 2nd Floor, Opp. Indian Oil Nagar, J.P. Road, Andheri (W), Ph:26321313/ 26360707. (Ladies & Gents)
88 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Barbarian 7 Bunglow, Aram Nagar, Gurudwara Andheri (W). Near Sea Breeze Gents.
89 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Darshan Health Club. First Floor, Four Bungalow Andheri (W). (Ladies & Gents)
90 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. F.R. Gym Muscles & Fitness Centre. Yari Road. Versova. Andheri (W)
91 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Body Max (The fitness turf) shop No-10, B/2 Janakdeep, 7 Bunglows, Andheri (W)
92 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Daljit’s Gym 7 Bunglow Garden, Andheri(W).
93 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. 368/72 Club Premises Sher-e- Punjab Society Opp.Mahakali Cavas Road. Andheri (E)
94 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Ocean-Dolphin ship management. D-116, Crystal Plata, New link Road. Lokhandwala. Andheri (W)
95 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Mind & Body Ramya Jeevan C.H.S Plot-No-1 Mahakli Caves Road. Opp. Holy Spirit Hospital. Andheri(E) Ph:28325864/28326253.
96 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Get Fit, Heritage Plaza 2nd Floor, Opp. Indian Oil Nagar, JP Road. Andheri (W)
97 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu Beach, Mumbai-400 049.
98 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. “Talwalkar Health Club, Juhu:26204643
99 ANDHERI, MUMBAI. Ultra Health,Juhu ,Andheri

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