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Protection, Pension, Savings, and Investment.

Protection, Pension, Savings, and Investment.

Life insurance may sound like something you only have to think about when you get older, but there are a variety of benefits to buying life insurance early on in your working career. A lot of people go through their entire lives before understanding what life insurance .

There are several reasons for this that no one really informed them about it. It is very necessary to  contact and ask IRDA certified Financial Consultants about importance of life insurance and which policy suits to their need. IRDA certified Financial Consultant provide this servise free as the insurance company pay them for the same.

Think what is your (Human) Life Value.

One of the methods of calculating your human life value is to sum up all expenses along with your future liabilities that your family members will have to pay off in the unfortunate event of your death.

Once you have done that you must take a life insurance policy to give you an insurance cover equaling your human life value.

As now Insurance Policies are giving better return in long term we also take policies for:-Heavy Educational or other expenses after fixed time period (For Kids), and tax benefits

Different types of insurance protect you and your loved ones in different ways against the

a) Unexpected or untimely death. (That of dying prematurely leaving a dependent family to fend for itself.)

 (b) Living too long  (That of living till old age without visible means of support.)

c) Accidental Death
d) Critical Illness

e) Permanent Disability
f) Partial Disability
g) Unemployment

Confused about which Insurance policy to take?
Finding it hard to get the best suitable plan?
Ask our experts  (IRDA Certified Financial Consultants)
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Pop singer Michael Jackson has converted to Islam

Pop singer Michael Jackson has converted to Islam and changed his name to

The 50-year-old star, pledged his allegiance to the Koran in a ceremony at a friend’s mansion in
Los Angeles, the Sun reported.

Jackson sat on the floor wearing a tiny hat after an Imam was summoned to officiate — days before
the singer is due to appear at London’s High Court where he is being sued by an Arab Sheik, the
paper said.

The star decided to adopt the new religion while he was recording a song at the home of his friend
where a Jehovah’s witness was brought up to help him through the ceremony.

Apparently the star of hits like ‘the Way You Make Me Feel-was convinced by his producer and
songwriter friends David Wharnsby and Phillip Bubal.

“They began talking to him about their beliefs, and how they thought they had become better
people after they converted. Michael soon began warming to the idea.

“An Imam was summoned from the mosque and Michael went through the shahada, which is the
Muslim declaration of belief,” the source revealed.

Mikaeel is the name of one of Allah’s angels. “Jacko rejected an alternative name, Mustafa
meaning “the chosen one”

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