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The Media and Its Affect on the Conduct of the Youths

The Media and Its Affect on the Conduct of the Youths.

DSCF1563 In our present world, the means of communication and conveying thoughts and information, has developed rapidly, seeming to travel at the speed of light and sound, and reaches every angle of the world within a few seconds.

There are a great number of institutions, equipment and special devices for mass enlightenment, establishing general opinions and individual resolutions.

In addition, the means of communication and information, like television, radio, internal waves, computers, newspapers, books, magazines…have become the dominant power upon the thoughts and a means of establishing a pattern for conduct.

Therefore, the media contributes in the establishment of political thoughts, as well as, individual positions and thoughts, and it contributes immensely, especially the pictorial type, like, television, cinema, Video, and pornographic magazines, in affecting the general thought and conduct of the people.

The youths – especially at the puberty stage – are active and ready, more than other people, to copy other personalities, and are influenced by the people who appear on the screen of television or cinema.

They are influenced by other people who play a vital role in the political, social and revolutionary arena, as well as, great historical heroes. This is because a youth – whether male or female – is in the stage of building his or her personality. Therefore, he or she needs someone to copy.

Since instinct and desires, especially the sexual instinct, are at their highest peak and putting pressure on the youths, so they are looking for a solution to it, therefore, the media have contributed, immensely, in stirring and arousing the sexual instinct by means of pornographic and seductive films, pictures, stories, as well as, cultures, like the use of guerilla warfare tactics and aggression in films which contribute, a lot, in deviating the youths and teaching them criminal acts. In view of this, some governments are prohibiting the showing of pornographic and guerilla warfare films, often prohibiting the youth from attending the theaters where these films are shown.

The result of the statistics on viewing videos conducted by Dr. Alexander Aldila in Lebanon shows that: "The viewing of social and emotional films wins the first position while detective films win the second position…"(The Role of Communication and Information in a Complete Personality, page 315.)

Another report states that: The studies conducted in the U.S on 110 people in a corrections institute show that 49% of them got the desire of carrying weapons from watching the cinema and 12-21 % of them found the audacity to steal and kill police from the same source.

While the studies conducted on 252 deviated young girls, between the ages of 14-18, shows that 25% of them had sexual relationships as a result of watching pornographic films in the cinema and 41 % of them were led to glamorous ceremonies, night theaters and 54% of them cut school in order to watch films, while 17% of them left their homes as a result of the conflict between them and their family on going to the cinema.

A W.H.O report and, also, a French Judge, about the factors of deviation, say: "I don’t have any doubt that some films, especially detective films, play a great, harmful role in most of the cases."

A questionnaire and cross examination on 1344 personalities conducted in Britain on the relationship between the cinema and corruption of children under 16, found that 600 of them answered that there is a relationship between the cinema and children’s deviation.

Other studies also show that most of the stealing and robbing, which happens in the West, has an effect from the cinema.(Ali Muhammad Ja’afar, Abdath al-Munharifun, page 81)

At last, it can be concluded that watching emotional films, pornographic and detective films is corrupting people, and furthermore, as scientific studies confirm, the youth at this stage, can be influenced by all this, because he is on the verge of his growth.

From all these statistics, we can deduce that the work of the mass media in the formation of emotions and conduct involving instinct, as well as, copying the role of the heroes, is important.


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  1. Well….I am impressed with the stats this guy has got about the impact of television on generation Y. Well….I have to very much agree with this. What we see is what we perceive, if parents are fighting at home it creates a really bad environment for the kids as they get to see people shouting and arguing with each other. The kind of environment one grows in creates a very strong role in building the character of a person, more often that not, the kid is going to pickup from the acts of his parents. In the same way television creates a virtual environment for anybody, people get involved thinking they are a part of the plot going on in the idiot box. People cry, people laugh….similarly kids pickup a lot of things from what they see on television, like you said copying. Teenage is age for moulding a persons character, if his soul doesnt receive the proper shape, you might as well have a Dawood Ibrahim, or a buffalo bell being copied into it. With serials that show multiple marriages of a single person and movies that portray underworld dons as heros we arent taking this genration into anything positive. Very very few people actually watch something like discovery or National Geographic, as for the rest….they are busy watching movies or the serials, which I believe are no good. As for the grownups they call it ‘entertainment’ after a heavy day’s work….well its nothing more that getting into a dream world that is never going to be true(leave alone the time,energy(eyes) and electricity lost), I would rather spend the time with my wife talking about the day or workout for a while or speak to a friend over the phone or pay a small visit to some relative or just go out for an evening walk….as we see there are so many more means of recreation after a days work…but people want the dreamest, laziest and futile of all….television, I dont see much value addition to life(except Knowledge and a few news channels) via the ‘entertainment’ that television provides, the other means are so much more positive and productive. In the end I would say that people were able to entertain themselves when the idiot box was still to be born and there will always remain better alternatives to television. These are my few cents.

    Comment by Harshapaul Pinto | January 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. P.S. Oh…and by the way, that was a fabulous article, although a lot of kids are going to bull shit it….but it might wakeup a few bright souls.

    Comment by Harshapaul Pinto | January 27, 2010 | Reply

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