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Partial Lunar Eclipse – Saturday 16 August, 2008

partial lunar eclipse is due to occur on Saturday 16th August, 2008. The eclipse will be visible over most of Asia, Australasia, Europe, Africa, and South America. Although only a partial eclipse, this eclipse should be quite significant, as most of the Moon will pass inside the Earth’s umbral shadow. The partial eclipse will begin at 20:35:45 BST and end just over 3 hours later at 23:44:38 BST, with the moment of greatest eclipse at 22:10:08 BST.

Mumbai: The moon will appear murky red around midnight tomorrow and early August 17. The earth will witness a partial lunar eclipse when the moon comes in the shadow of the earth.

At 23:53 IST tomorrow, the moon will enter the lighter shadow (penumbra) of the earth, However, nothing is noticeable during a penumbral eclipse Nehru Planetarium Director Piyush Pandey told PTI.

The partial eclipse will begin at 01:06 IST on August 17. The night sky will host an 81 per cent murky red moon at 02:40 IST, when the eclipse will be at its maximum (middle). The partial eclipse will end at 04:15 IST.

Almost all parts of the world will be able to see the lunar eclipse. Only the North American will largely be excluded from viewing it,


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