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Protect your identity and stay safe online.

Protect your identity and stay safe online.

Here are some simple tips to help you stay safe online

1) Do not give out personal information such as usernames, passwords or bank details to anyone who contacts you by email, phone, fax or letter,this is called phishing fraud.

2) Change your password regularly. Choose a password that you can remember, but can’t be guessed.Create a password with at least 7 characters and max 10 words and Use a combination of numbers and letters or  combination of upper and lowercase.

3) Make sure that the security icon  is shown in the bottom of your browser window when you make an online transaction. Always remember the beginning of the Internet address changes from ‘http’ to ‘https’ when a secure connection is made.

4) Always log off after completing your job , Close your browser and clear your cache.

You can also take the more steps to protect yourrselves, the safer will be services of LifeLock which is americas identity theft protection agency.

You can get  Protect your identity  by taking services of LifeLock.Purchase an annual membership to LifeLock with RD17 LifeLock promotion code and get the first 30 days Free & $11 OFF! for annual membership

You can also take LifeLock services to get protection against identity theft for individuals, for your family ,childeren and students.
LifeLock proactive identity theft services includes Bank account, credit card, credit history, driver’s license, online security and security of other important documents..

LifeLock is also ISO 27001 certified for data and operational security and is very different from credit monitoring services. If you are a member of LifeLock, immediately after theft they  hire the right people to work for you to get your good name back and it won’t cost you one cent and in credit monitoring system you have to spend more than 30 hours and getting reimursement of loss is also very difficult.

Information in detail you can get by visiting

Use the Life Lock promo code, and  save money while protecting your Bank account, credit card, driver’s license and other important documents from identity thieves.

In our next Post we will provide you detail information on password protection and safety.



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