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Madh Fort (also called Versorva Fort)

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Madh Fort (also called Versorva Fort) is a tiny fort in northern Mumbai, India situated at Madh Island. It is secluded and difficult to reach, about 15 km from Malad and is the last stop on route 271 of Best bus sevice. It is situated near Aksa Beach.

It is built on a strategic vantage point probably by the Portuguese as a watchtower. One can get a good view of Mumbai beach Skyline from Gorai at one end to Worli on the other, from its watch tower.Its external facade is intact but internally it is dilapidated. It is very small in size and can easily be seen in half an hour.

It is under control of the Indian Armed forces and Navy as it is located close to an Indian Naval base and permission is needed for accessing it.

It was probably built by the Portuguese as a watchtower.It is surrounded by local fishermen’s communities. Some Bollywood movies like Love Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega have been shot at this location.








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