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Hyderabad best place for business: World Bank

Doing business in Patna and Ranchi is easier than Mumbai or Kolkata. This is a conclusion drawn by the funding agency World Bank in its latest report on business friendliness.


The report titled as Doing Business in South Asia 2007, covers eight countries in the World Bank’s South Asia region and examines 12 major cities in India, six in Pakistan, and four in Bangladesh.

Among Indian cities Hyderabad tops the list followed by Bangalore and Jaipur. The report placed Mumbai at the 11th place, ahead of Kolkata.Typically, large urban centres such as Mumbai and Kolkata have a high volume of business, so regulatory and administrative bottlenecks create serious congestion. Karachi is at the top in Pakistan, while Dhaka ranks best in Bangladesh reported the Times of India.

Five reforms in India and two in Pakistan ?reduced the time, cost, and hassle? for businesses to comply with legal and administrative requirements. No other South Asian economies improved business regulations in 2005-2006, ranking the region last in the pace of global reforms.

Doing Business in South Asia 2007 is the third in a series of South Asia regional reports based on the methodology of the annual global Doing Business report. It tracks a set of regulatory indicators related to business start-up, operation, trade, payment of taxes, and closure by measuring the time and cost associated with various government requirements. Variables such as macroeconomic policy, quality of infrastructure, currency volatility, investor perceptions, or crime rates are not tracked.


May 25, 2007 - Posted by | Career Guidence

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  1. Hmm. . not the best thing to happen indeed. Please provide updates so that we can keep in touch 🙂

    Comment by Bangladesh | July 3, 2007 | Reply

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